Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


The digital age of technology is growing and changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep pace. The Jewil Project is experienced in keeping pace with technology as it influences the lives of our youth in our forever changing digital world.

Created in 2006 The Jewil Project gives hands-ons instruction to youth in field of digital technology. Students receive high school credits and are introduced to post secondary institutions through our “Yes You Can” concept.

The Jewil Project has now strengthened it’s mandate, starting in 2018 we will operate in two capacities, as a social enterprise second as digital learning center. 

Our first goal is to lead youth down a path to a post-secondary education and positive experiences in the field of technology through co-operative education and experiential learning.

Our second goal is to provide youth with the necessary skills to pursue careers in the field of technology.

Our third goal is to create socially responsible entrepreneurs in the field of technology.

We provide opportunities to diverse youth without discrimination and recognize a very specific need that youth coming from the following groups may have:

First Generation Canadians, Native Youth, Newcomers, Refugees, Continuing Ed. candidates and underserved demographics in the field of technology.

Key Mission Statement

Responsibility – Motivated by a collective responsibility to support guide and lead youth.

Equity – Inspired to give everyone a fair chance.

Opportunity – Driven to create opportunities for youth.

Supportive community – Work with others to build a community of support that motivates learning achievement and exchange.


Everyone deserves a chance to have a brighter future.

Everyone deserves a chance to have a brighter future.